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Returns and Exchange

Cancellation Return and Exchange Policy

BEAUTI aim is to meet our customers’ demands and ensure their satisfaction with our products after purchase.

All Returns and Exchanges and Cancellations is done through our Customer service, Please Drop an Email to with your order number and request details, you will receive a call after your mail is reviewed and approved.

Sometimes you may have to change your mind about your order shortly after purchasing, in which case it will be handled according to the current situation.

If your order is in delivery, our Returns Department will cancel the order.

But if you cancel after receiving the order, all you have to do is to contact our customer service to cancel your order, and make sure that we will do our best to cancel it, provided that the order has not been sent and is on your way already, our customer service will be happy to assist you.

Returns shall be on the following conditions:

  • You received an unwanted product: Of course, this may happen unintentionally, in which case you can return the goods in the same condition, and send them to us, after contacting customer service to go for product return procedure and the product’s cost you have already paid.
  • The product you received is damaged or defective: If you receive any defective products, all you need to do is contact us and return the item to us with its original packaging. We will inspect it, confirm the damage or defect, and then we will take the necessary action to return your money.
  • Product incompatibility with the specifications listed below on the
    website: In this case, you should contact our customer service immediately,
    explain the status of the product you ordered, and the one that you
    received, and if confirmed, you will be able to initiate the return and
    refund process.

Generally, in all cases, you can return the product (s) to us by visiting our store or contacting our customer service and Drop an Email to if you are unable to visit our store.

Product status in case of Returns
In order for the product to be returned there are some conditions must be met as follows: -
- You have not removed the BEAUTI labels or any other labels on the product.
- You have not removed any cards on the product.
- The products are unused and new just as you received them.
- You must have the original invoice provided that it is no more than 30 days after the invoice was issued or more than 14 days
for low-priced products.

- Products to be returned Must include all original accessories and Boxes included in the Original Packaging.

Note: We will not accept returns if the product is opened, used or tampered with.

How can I refund my credit card payment?
If you purchase some of our products by debit or credit card, we will do our best to refund the card. knowing that refunds can take up to a month before your card account is refunded, depending on how long the bank needs to complete the process.

BEAUTI makes it easy for you to replace the product that you purchased
through us by returning the product provided that it is not more than 30 days from the invoice date, or more than 14 days for low-priced products.

But there are some conditions for replacement:
- You have not removed the BEAUTI labels or labels from the product.
- You have not removed the original packaging of the product or have damaged the package.
- You have not used the product in any way.
- To have a personal ID card and the original invoice for the product.
- To return the product in its new condition exactly as you bought it.

After checking the product and obtaining BEAUTI approval to retrieve it, you can replace the product with another product taking into consideration the following:
- The product should be at the same price.
- The case of the new product at a lower price, in which case we will
pay you the price difference.
- The case of the new product at a higher price, in which case you
will have to pay us the price difference.


- Our return department is intended for your convenience, to ensure that you receive the best possible service and are not intended to breach any of your rights assigned to you by Saudi Arabian law.
However, we are eligible to follow-up and refuse to return it if you return products frequently and continuously.

Return, Exchange or Cancellation Fees will be deducted from order Amount.

If Engraving option is selected no Returns, Exchange or Cancellation is allowed. 


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