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Foltene Nail Kit
Foltene Nail Kit

Foltene Nail Kit

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Foltin liquid nail, rich in exclusive materials and natural ingredients that moisturize and soften nails. Useful for weak and broken nails and for women who use paint removers and artificial nails.Strengthens and lengthens weak nailsNail-Cracking Fluid is useful for weak and cracked nails.Formulated with a special formula, specially designed to care for the nails of the hands and feet and to solve the problems of weak and broken nails.It nourishes and moisturizes nails and protects them from weakness and breakage, as it contains natural seaweed materials with Rosa Santifolia flower extract.Contains natural ingredients derived from the roots of the great cauliflower, which have antimicrobial effect to protect the nails from the growth of fungi and bacteria on their surface, those that cause cracking and breakage of nails.Nails gain strength, softness and protection with a healthy appearance.It can be used with colored nails and artificial nails.Free of alcohol, parabens, mineral oils and paraffin wax.Use twice or more daily for two months and for prevention can be used continuously.It solves the problem of brittle nails and breaks them from the effects of nail polish remover.Provides healthy looking nails with microbial protection.

*This kit contains 2 items of the Foltin liquid nail*